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Henry Danger

The 'Man Cave' Real Estate Tour! | Henry Danger

It's time to get an in depth look at the Man Cave during this Swellview real estate tour! Let's take a tour of Junk N Stuff and all the secrets that lie beneath the ...

2020-09-19 05:25 97,943 YouTube

Henry Danger Season 5 Full Episodes

2020-09-17 57:42 17,861 YouTube

The BEST & WORST Henry Danger Gadgets | Henry Danger

Henry (Jace Norman) and his team of heroes use a ton of handy gadgets to fight crime. Here are Swellview's best and worst gadgets that they have ever used!

2020-09-18 05:13 137,857 YouTube

🔴 Nick Theme Songs Sing-A-Long CHALLENGES | Henry Danger, SpongeBob, Loud House

ARE YA READY KIDS? Try out our Nick theme song challenges to see if you know the words to your favorite Nick shows like SpongeBob, Henry Danger, the ...

2020-09-18 00:00 0 YouTube

Final 5 Minutes Of Henry Dangers Final Season ⚡️ Ep.1 | Henry Danger

Let's head to the final 5 minutes of the Mr. Nice Guy, Henry Danger episode during its final season. Can Captain Man and Kid Danger can figure out who this ...

2020-09-03 05:40 1,003,412 YouTube

Henry's Powers Through The Years! | Henry Danger

Henry Hart (Jace Norman) gained superpowers from a young age in 2016 and became indestructible! Here's a timeline of all of Kid Danger's super powers from ...

2020-07-25 05:55 1,704,022 YouTube

Henry's Trampoline Dodgeball Championship! Dodging Danger | Henry Danger

It's dodgeball time and Henry and his team the Jumpin Jaspers are taking on Charlotte and Bro Force one in the trampoline dodgeball championship!

2020-08-27 05:06 723,527 YouTube